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"Hey trainers!

Just because I’m a Pokemon Professor now doesn’t mean I don’t rely on my own Pokemon partners! A lot of my research wouldn’t have been possible without Musa and Paella. They’re my wonderful friends too, even when I don’t think their assignments through completely ha ha…Maybe I’ll take care of the Mt. Chimney research sites from now on…”

-Professor Coco

[Link to Pokestory!]

(4koma by Weta)



Last year for Easter, we got these cool egg decorating kits, with markers, stickers, stencils etc.

I was trying to do an elaborate floral pattern on my eggs, but the stencil kept slipping. I got reeeeally distraught. More distraught than I had any right to be. But no matter how much I concentrated, I couldn’t get the stencil to stay in the right place.

I was having an eggs n’ stencil crisis.


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